E-com "set-it and forget-it" campaign

A tip that any e-com business owner can use in their Facebook Ads, and it's a "set-it and forget-it" type campaign.

In Facebook's targeting, there's an audience in Demographics called "Upcoming Birthday", which accumulates all the people that have a birthday within the next week.

This gives us a cool opportunity to capture people's attention with a birthday creative (because they'll be receptive to birthday style content) whilst giving them a discount opportunity for your product.


Here's a brief rundown:

1. Setup your campaign with the Conversion objective.

2. Create your ad-set with one of the following target audiences:
a) Video Viewers + Upcoming Birthday
b) Page Engagers + Upcoming Birthday

3. Make sure you have a creative that's Birthday centric, either balloons, presents, parties, birthday cake etc.

4. Then offer them a discount. I tend to use a 10% off, using a code of 'BDAY10'.