Relevance Score Correlation

The Relevance Score metric is one of the most important measurement tools that you can add to your arsenal.

Relevance Score Correlation Charts - PDF Attachment Link:


Many advertisers overlook the Relevance Score metric as a lower level performance indicator. When in actual fact its one of the most important measurement tools that you can add to your arsenal.

Relevance Score is where Facebook tells you whether your audience & creative combination is a correct fit, or if you need to better tweak your ads & ad-sets.

This has been even further amplified by Facebook merging the Positive & Negative Feedback metrics in with Relevance Score. This change was made in July 2018.

By default, CollierMedia's Standards of Excellence for Relevance Score is:

> Top of Funnel (Cold Audiences) - 6+

> Middle of Funnel (Luke Warm Audiences) - 4 or 5

> Bottom of Funnel (Warm Audiences) 2 or 3

The reason for relevance score reducing as our audience get's warmer is our interest targeting is removed the further we venture down our re-marketing funnel. Once our audience have had 3/4 touches then we know they have intent to purchase, or even just an interest in our brand.

- The biggest takeaway from our study was that regardless of the industry and regardless of how much revenue you generate through Facebook ads, Relevance Score has a major impact on the results you are able to yield.

- 2 of our most important metrics follow a perfect correlation with the incremental increase in Relevance.

> CTR - Click Through Rate measures how many people are clicking on your ad as an expression against how many people we've served the ad to. For our CTR to increase per each increase in relevance score is important to note.

> ROAS - How many $ do you get for every $1 invested. One of the most important metrics that Facebook marketers use, our studies show that ROAS positively increase per our ad relevance to our target demographics. Makes sense, right?

Here is some further analysis on each comparison:


- Notice how our Impressions follow a rough bell curve. Reasoning behind this is our number of impressions peak at a relevance of 6/7 because these are Facebook's averages. We very rarely see a relevance score of 8,9 or 10 and if you have some, then amplify this to further enhance your results.


- Clicks follow a strong trend once we get past the middle Relevance. By focusing our attention on serving content to our target audience that they are interested in will entice them to click on our ad and find out more. The most simple concept in advertising -- put an ad in front of someone, if they like it, they will engage. The beauty of Facebook Advertising is that you are able to pinpoint audiences based on the interests that they've already told Facebook through page engagement, conversations or even just behaviours on the platform.


- Click Through Rate has the most perfect correlation out of all of our measurement tools. As Relevance Score incrementally increases, our CTR increases too. This heavily links with our analysis for Clicks -- have a piece of content that we know will be of interest to our target and they are more likely to click on the ad/engage. Simple, right?


- Frequency as a metric is interesting and by keeping a close eye on this will help you save bucket loads of cash. Have you ever noticed that your ads are generating super high impressions yet your reach is staying at a constant level -- likelihood is your frequency is sky rocketing through showing the same ads to the same people numerous times.

The interesting trait with our correlation between Frequency & Relevance Score is the number of times our ad is served to our target audience is directly linked to how relevant our audience is. If you think about it logically, it makes sense.

If our ad is relevant to our target audience we'll only have to serve it to them once, maximum twice before we achieve a result. If it isn't relevant to them, then Facebook will continue to serve them the content until they engage -- as you've identified them as an audience who "should" enjoy the ad. Remembering that Facebook is an algorithm & a computer and will "do as it's told'.


- Yielding a high ROAS is at the top of every Facebook marketers attention. How many $ in return will I receive from my $1 investment. You'll see by our graphs that ROAS almost always increases as our relevance score increases -- so what's the simple solution to getting more out of your Facebook marketing endeavours? Serve content which is relevant to your target audience.