The Holy Grail to building your Social Media following.

Tips on each individual channel on how to increase your social following

When I am speaking to prospect clients on a daily basis, I get asked the same question. It goes along the lines of ‘well how can I actually grow my social media following?’. Closely followed up by ‘how long is that going to take me?’.

So let me split it out for you platform by platform. I’ll give you a few tips on each individual channel on how to increase your social following. Make sure you keep reading till the end, you won’t want to miss the Instagram section!

Let’s start with Twitter:

I find, as a business, that Twitter is the best place to reach individuals on a 1 to 1 level. The vast majority of tweets are open for the rest of the Twitter community to view, which enables conversations to be started and for relationships to be built. 9 times out of 10, if someone complains about a product or service and is expecting a response from that company.. they go to Twitter.

Let’s get in to building your audience:

  1. Put out regular content. You hear this all the time I know, but putting out regular content is the number one rule to using Twitter. Make sure you are tweeting about current events and trends that your target audience will know or want to know about. Twitter is all about relevancy, with an average tweet life of 10–15 minutes, you haven’t got long to make an impact.
  2. The rule of thumb is that people won’t follow you unless you initially followed them. Of course there are some exceptions, but as standard practice, most people won’t follow you unless you click that follow button first. Think of it as you wouldn’t expect a random person in the pub to buy you a drink.. a little extreme but the same kind of concept. So start following people within your industry, people and businesses who you would love to connect and chat with.
  3. Start maximising the search feature. Type in a few keywords that relate to your market sector, start going through different users tweets and see if you can help them out with anything. As I mentioned above, people love airing their thoughts and problems on Twitter. It’s surprising how many business contacts and leads you can pick up through this section.
  4. Keep it genuine. I get bombarded with 10–20 automated messages on a daily basis. With all of the tools on the market, it may seem like an easy option to send a bulk message to anyone who follows you. In fact it shows a complete lack of interest and it will earn you a first class ticket to the deleted folder. Make sure you utilise the human element of Twitter and really put a face behind your brand. Nobody likes speaking to a bot, not even in this day in age.

Let’s move onto Facebook:

Building your Facebook following is only available through a couple of different strategies. Due to the nature of the platform and the element of having to invite people before any information is shared, it is difficult to grow this one organically. But here are a few tips:

  1. If you have very minimal or no followers at all on your Facebook page. The first thing to do is invite your family and friends, they are always going to be the biggest advocate of you and your business. So invite them in. This will not only increase your follower numbers, but the initial activity has the potential to be recognised by a much wider target audience. E.g your aunties friend, boyfriends cousin or even an ex boss.
  2. Providing you have a good amount of followers already, create competitions/giveaways that increases engagement. This will heighten the sharing aspect triggering more people to notice your page as it creeps up the newsfeed in relevance. I love to use phrases like: ‘For your chance to win these 4 tickets… Like, Share and Tag the 3 friends you would take with you!’.
  3. By far the best and quickest way to build your Facebook following is to start using the paid advertising features within the platform. It’s scary how much information Facebook knows about you, but from a business point of view.. it’s a marketers dream. If you are going to use the paid ad section, delve deeper into the browse feature when selecting an audience. You can select all sorts of demographics: Employer, Income, Location, Job role, Hobbies, Interests, Age and even Relationship Status. The list goes on. On Sunday, I boosted one of my posts for $1 a day over 5 days. I am just 2 days into that boost, I have spent $1.50 and it’s reached 350 people from a very specific target group of 800.

And finally, last but definitely not least, Instagram:

Instagram is by far my favourite channel to increase followers and engagement. Starting out as a picture sharing platform, these early values still roll true. Slowly but surely more and more businesses are signing up for Instagram and making sure their business is active on it. Even if your business isn’t particularly sexy, you can jazz it up in pictures and make them fun to interact with.

But the real question, how do I get those all important follower numbers up:

  1. Start posting regular images and videos. Very similar to point number 1 in the Twitter section. But it’s just as important. The more times people see your pictures appear in their newsfeed, the more they will start remembering you and your business. Quick tip: Use 13 or more hashtags, this maximises the amount of exposure your new post will get!
  2. Make sure you are fully utilising the Instagram Stories feature. They only have a 24 hour shelf life, but those little beauties don’t stop reminding the follower that you have put up a story until they have watched it! I have seen some great ideas implemented on these. Test out a few of these and see how you get on: New product releases, Reminders of new photo’s on Instagram, A tour of your workplace, A day in the life of one of your employees.
  3. Start liking the photo’s of people who are interested in your products and industry. We tend to go on and like 3/4 cool pictures on that specific persons profile and then come back out. People love it when their photo has been liked, and normally reciprocate that with liking a few of your photos and even following you. This introduces the user to who you are and shows you have an interest in them and their pictures. If you are serious about building your following, I would be spending about 4 hours a day doing this.
  4. Utilise the search feature. Click onto the search bar and start exploring hashtags that are specific to your industry. As you begin to type, there will be different suggestions that start emerging and it will show how many times that hashtag has been used. Click on one of these and start scrolling through the images, start to like and comment on the photos that you enjoy. Very similar to point 3, people will start to engage with you if you show an interest in them first.

So you are probably thinking, how am I going to fit all of that into my working week as well as my other tasks. This is the part where I am meant to give you a hopeless sales pitch. But if you need help with this and don’t have enough time to implement all of my tips, give me a call, all of my details are below.

Have a great week and enjoy!

Sam Collier


Mobile: 07500 831668